Navigate Online Activities

Navigate Online Activities

This article describes how to navigate and complete online educational activities after you have enrolled. See the Browse Available Activities and Enroll in an Activity articles for information about how to find and enroll in activities. 

After you have enrolled in an activity, there are two ways to access the activity:
  1. On the catalog page, click the My Activities tab, find the activity, then click Go to Activity.
  2. Click the My Education tab, select My Learning, find the activity, then click the activity name.
See the Access My Activities article for more detailed instructions. 

Activity Homepage

When you go into an activity, you will be on the activity's homepage. The Navigating This Activity section at the top outlines the high-level instructions to complete the activity. Below is a section for each step, which can only be accessed after the previous step is completed. Click Introduction to begin. 

Note: The information and steps on the activity homepages might differ from activity to activity, depending on each activity's requirements. Most activities follow a format similar to the screenshot below of the Virtual Lupus Clinic: Case 1, whereas the Rheum2Learn activities follow a different format, as seen in the second screenshot. This article will use the Virtual Lupus Clinic: Case 1, since the steps resemble most activities.




The Introduction page provides the full outline of instructions to complete the activity. Click Activity Overview to continue.


Activity Overview

The Activity Overview page provides a summary of the activity, the target audience, and learning objectives, as well as the ACR's accreditations and the faculty's disclosures. After you review this information, click Confirm review of Activity Overview at the bottom of the page to continue.


When you click Confirm review of Activity Overview at the bottom of the page, you will see a "Congratulations - this is complete!" message, along with three links:
  1. Review content
  2. Go to (next step)
  3. Return to (activity homepage)
You can click the second link to start the next step. 


If you return to the activity's homepage, you will see the next step is a blue link, which indicates it can be accessed. Click the link to continue.



Some activities have a Pre-Evaluation to help us learn more about you before you start the activity. For example, we might ask questions to understand your experience or your level of confidence on the topic(s). After you answer each question, click Submit to move onto the next step. If you go back to the activity's homepage and click the link to the Pre-Evaluation, you will be able to review your response; however, you will not be able to make changes.


Some activities have a Pre-Test to access your knowledge on the topic(s) before starting the activity. Each question will be on a separate page. After you answer a question, you can click Next page to move forward or Previous page to go back to the previous question. You can also click on the question numbers in the Test Navigation section on the left side of the page to quickly jump between questions. The numbers in the Test Navigation section will turn grey after a question has been answered.


At the end of the test, you will see the Pre-Test Summary of Attempt page. When you are ready, click Submit all and finish.


After you complete the Pre-Test, you will see your results. You will not be able see the correct answers for the questions you answered incorrectly until after you have completed the Post-Test.


After the Introduction and Pre-Test are complete, you can access the Activity Material


Activity Material

The Activity Material differs from activity to activity. Follow the prompts to review the material. 



If the activity required a Pre-Test, there will also be a Post-Test. The functionality of the Post-Test is the same as the Pre-Test, except you will be able to immediately see the correct answers to any questions you answered incorrectly. 


If you did not get a passing score, you will be able to retake the test as many times as you need until you pass. The system will keep your highest score. 


If you are not sure what score you need to pass, it is noted on the activity's Introduction page.


If your score meets the requirement to receive credit, at the top of the results screen, you will see a link to complete the last step: Post-Evaluation. 



The last step is the Post-Evaluation. If you did not click the link after taking the Post-Test, you can go back to the activity homepage to click the link. 


After the Post-Evaluation is submitted, you will be able to download your certificate(s). If the activity qualifies for CME and/or MOC credits, the credits will be automatically claimed.

See the Credit Claiming and Certificates articles for more information.



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