This article describes how to access Certificates of Participation and CME/MOC Certificates. As of July 2022, all certificates are available through the ACR Education Center

The ACR provides two types of certificates:
  1. Certificate of Participation - these certificates are provided when you complete an online activity or attend an educational meeting.  
  2. CME / MOC Certificates - these certificates are provided after you have claimed credits for either an online activity or educational meeting.
The process of finding and downloading your certificates differs for online activities and educational meetings. 

Online Activity Certificates

When you successfully complete an online activity, our system will automatically email you a copy of your Certificate of Participation. If the activity offers credits, our system will automatically claim the credits for you and email you a copy of your CME/MOC Certificate. (See the Navigating Online Activities article for information about how to complete online activities.) 

There are a few different ways to download your certificate(s) from within the ACR Education Center. Below are a couple examples.
  1. Option 1 - after you have completed an activity, you will see the Certificate link on the activity's homepage turn blue. Click this link to download the certificate(s). If the activity offered credits, you will see both the Certificate of Participation and CME/MOC Certificate.

  1. Option 2 - after you have completed an activity, on the top navigation bar, click My Education then select My Certificates. Here you will see the Certificate of Participation and, if applicable, the CME/MOC Certificate. Click the download icon on the far right to download the certificate(s). 

Meeting Certificates

After you have an attended a meeting, your Certificate of Participation and CME/MOC Certificates will not automatically appear on the My Certificates page like they do for online activities. Instead, you first have to go to the meeting's activity page and click on the certificate(s) to download them. Once they have been downloaded, they will appear on the My Certificates page. See the steps below for the full process.

If you plan to claim credits and download your CME/MOC Certificate, you will need to claim the credits before completing these steps in order for the certificate to appear.
  1. Once you have logged into your ACR account, click My Education then select My Learning
  2. In the My Meetings section, click on the meeting's name.
  3. In the Certificate section towards the bottom, you will see your Certificate of Participation.
    1. Note: if you have claimed credits, you will also see your CME/MOC Certificate.
  4. Once you have downloaded the certificate(s) from this page, the certificate(s) will also appear on the My Certificates page.

If you see the below message, you have not downloaded the certificates from the activity page. You must download certificates from that page first in order for them to appear on the My Certificates page. Follow the steps outlined above to download the certificates.


Certificates for Activities Completed Prior to July 2022

If you attended an educational meeting between 2015 - 2020, or if you completed an online activity prior to July 2022 and the activity's expiration date was between January 2016 - June 2022, you can find and download your certificate(s) by following the same process outlined in the above Meeting Certificates section: log into your ACR account, click on My Education then select My Learning, click the activity's name to open the activity's page, and you will find your certificate(s) in the Certificate section. Once they have been downloaded from the activity's page, the certificates will also be available on the My Certificates page.


If you have questions, contact us at education@rheumatology.org