In-Person Speaker Instructions

In-Person Speaker Instructions

This article outlines the instructions for speakers for in-person sessions.
If you are a speaker or moderator for an in-person session, but you are attending the meeting virtually, see Virtual Speaker and Moderator Instructions.

Before the Meeting

  1. Log into faculty portal to review your roles
  2. Review the presentation guidelines 
  3. Verify that your biography has been provided
  4. Activate your account in the meeting website
  5. Update your profile in the meeting website 
  6. Become familiar with the meeting website
  7. Find your session(s) and add them to My Agenda

Before the Session

  1. Pick up your badge at Registration
  2. Check into the Speaker Ready Room at least two hours before your presentation (see additional details below)
  3. Go to your meeting room one hour before your presentation
  4. Check in with the moderator, audio/visual technician, and ACR staff liaison
  5. If you wish to monitor incoming questions and polls to help you prepare for responses, an assigned speaker laptop is available for your use in the room; please note this is optional for speakers and will be the responsibility of the moderator
    1. Access the meeting website
      1. If the laptop has not been logged in to the website, login credentials will be available on a printed sheet next to the laptop
    2. Find your session and click on it
    3. Access your session's 'backend' by clicking the Manage button
      1. If you do not see this button, tell your ACR staff liaison right away or email
      2. We recommend you use the backend because the Q&A easier to manage and it will automatically turn off the video
    4. Click the Polls tab
      1. This is where you will see the Q&A as well as any other polls and results posed during the session
    5. In the "Questions for the speaker" section, click Full-Screen Results
      1. This will make it easier to read the page
      Note: we will only have lav mics available, rather than podium mics, to ensure you will be heard by the onsite and virtual attendees.

Speaker Ready Room

  1. Go to room N220G
  2. Check in at least two hours before your presentation
  3. Bring your presentation on flash drive and give it to the technician
  4. Let us know if you need to make any edits and we will assign you an computer station
  5. When your presentation is submitted, you will be asked to wait while ACR staff conducts a final CME review of your presentation  
  6. If you are requested to make additional edits, ACR staff will let you know
  7. When approved, the final presentation will be saved to presentation room folder by the technician
      Note:  there will be round tables and a practice area in the speaker ready room for your use if needed.

During the Session

  1. After your presentation, answer questions during live Q&A
  2. Optional
    1. Monitor questions and polls submitted by attendees
    2. Work with moderator to select questions
    3. Mentally prepare your responses

Handling Code of Conduct Violations

  1. Staff will monitor the sessions but if you notice something, please tell an ACR staff
  2. Examples of comments/questions to be removed:
    1. Postings that negatively target a race, color, religion (creed), gender, gender expression, age, national origin, disability, marital status, sexual orientation, or military status
    2. Postings intended to intimidate or that have the effect of being intimidating
    3. Postings that are abusive, hostile, or demeaning to others
  3. What to do if a comment is inappropriate:
    1. Notify the staff member and/or producer in the session so they can take a screenshot of the violation before removing it and follow up accordingly
  4. See the full Code of Conduct for more details

After the Session

  1. Log into the meeting website or app and submit written responses to unanswered questions

If you have questions, please contact us at