Ask Speakers Questions

Ask Speakers Questions

This article describes how to post questions for speakers in the meeting website / app. Questions with the most votes ("thumbs up") will be addressed first during live Q&A sessions.

Polls & Q&A

The meeting website allows you to submit questions to speakers during their talks, as well as upvote (like) questions asked by others to increase the probability that they will be asked during the session. To submit a question to the speaker:
  1. Go to the session page and click the Polls and Q&A tab
    1. You may see questions already submitted by other attendees
    2. If you would like to hear the answer to a question already posted, click the "thumbs up" icon to vote for the question to be answered during Q&A

  2. To submit a question that has not already been posted, click the button Click here to answer

  3. Click Enter your own or vote

  4. Type your question and then click the button Ask Question

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