Meeting Website and App Overview

Meeting Website and App Overview

This article provides an overview of the ACR Education Exchange's 2022 website and app. 

Meeting website and app overview

All virtual components of ACR Education Exchange 2022 will take place on the meeting website: This is where virtual attendings can watch sessions as they are live streamed, and where attendees registered for the All Access Pass or the Virtual Access Pass can watch sessions on demand. 

All attendees, both in person and virtual, can submit questions for speakers in the "Q&A and Polls" tab on the session pages. Attendees can "thumbs up" questions submitted by other attendees to indicate they are also interested in hearing the answer. During the Q&A portion of each session, moderators will ask speakers the most popular questions submitted, based on how many "thumbs up" each question received. (Note: the Access in Rheumatology and Rheumatology Research Workshop meetings will NOT collect questions for speakers in the website or app.)

There is also a mobile app for ACR Education Exchange 2022 that contains the same content as the website. The app is just a mobile version of the website that attendees can access quickly by clicking the app's icon on their phone or tablet. The only difference between the website and the app is the home page navigation. 

Quick Start Guide

We recommend reviewing the Quick Start Guide to learn the basics of using the meeting website and app. Scroll to the bottom of this article to find the attachment.

Activate your account

Before you can access the meeting website or app, you first need to activate your account for the meeting using a desktop computer. Attendees will receive an email from with the subject line of, "Activate Your ACR Education Exchange Account," which will contain a link to activate their account. 
  1. Attendees registered before April 25 will receive the email on April 25
  2. After April 25, attendees will receive the email within one hour of registration 
See Access Your Account for more details.

Meeting website

To access the meeting website, open your internet browser and go to When you activate your account, you will automatically be logged in and will remain logged in for several days unless you manually log out. We recommend you save the website as a bookmark.

Meeting app

The app is available in the Apple App Store and Google Play. The only difference between the website and app is the home page navigation; see below for more information.

How to download and log into the app:

  1. Go to the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and search for "ACR Education Exchange 2022"
  2. Download the ACR Education Exchange 2022 app
  3. Open the app and click Log In
    1. Enter your meeting account username and password
    2. See Access Your Account for more information

App navigation

After you login to the app, you will see a dashboard that displays popular navigation options that are also  on the main navigation of the website.


Click the hamburger icon   on the top left to see the full list of navigation options. Scroll to the bottom to find Edit My Profile.



When you select a page, you will see a navigation bar at the bottom of the screen:


Edit My Profile

Once you have activated your account, make sure to update your profile information that can be viewed by other attendees. See Edit My Profile for more information.

Create My Agenda

We recommended attendees add the sessions they want to attend to My Agenda for quicker access. This also allows easier tracking for credit claiming. See Create My Agenda for more information.

Watch a Live Session

See Watch a Live Session for more information.

Ask Speakers Questions

Attendees are encouraged to submit questions for speakers using the Q&A tab on the session page. See Ask Speakers Questions for more information.

Chat with Attendees

Each session page has a chat function so attendees can chat with each other about the session / topic. See Chat with Attendees for more information.

Session Evaluations

Attendees are encouraged to provide feedback to speakers by filling out the Session Evaluations. See Session Evaluation for more information.

If you have questions, contact us at